iPhone Application : SFHClock

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 About SFHClock
Want to activate the brain by using a clock with an unusual?
By fixing one of the second hand / minute hand / hour, to rotate the board in place.

Please acknowledge being not able to assume the responsibility for the contingency of the reason to make a mistake in looking beforehand at time.
Please use it as an idle screen when it charges it.

 What's New
2013.12.1 Update to Version 1.1
Support of the following.
- New Icon.
- IOS 7 support.
- iPhone 4-inch Retina support.
- iPad Retina support.
- Add a new theme.
- Add display options.

- ON / OFF of the needle fixed mode.
- You can choose whether you want to fix the one of the second hand / minute hand / hour hand on the needle fixing mode.
- You can by rotation mode, and switch to turn every minute needle to fix.
- You can choose from eight different themes clock.
- The native resolution of each iPhone, iPad.
- It is not equipped with an alarm.